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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Melbourne Japanese Cuisine: Komeyui

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396 Bay Street
Port Melbourne 
3207 Victoria 

For Reservation: (03) 9646 2296 
E-mail: info@komeyui.com 

Operating Hours:- 
Tuesday - Sunday 
12:00pm - 3:00pm 

Tuesday - Saturday 
6:00pm - 10:00pm 

Monday and Sunday dinner 

Takeaways are available too!! 

Jerry and myself adore Japanese Cuisine and we are very picky at it! 

While living at Bay Street, Port Melbourne at down under Melbourne Australia. I use to know that previously C'est' Bon located where Komeyui now located, wanted to check C'est' Bon out but was surprise to see the renovation of Komeyui! 

When Komeyui was ready and operating, Jerry & myself were very excited and nervous cause we rarely venture into unrecommended new place. Having said that we were very happy for the food and service that it offers every single visit that we have made! Chef Kuma-san is really a talented and gifted Sushi Chef/ owner and we just love having the interaction with him while sitting at the sushi bar seats. This is a restaurant that I wanted to share on my blog for a long time. It is like one of those treasure that I found and is afraid people might snatch it away. Maybe that is why only now that I open up to share this only Japanese Restaurant that Jerry & myself adores most!!! 

I apologize in advance as I often add details (name of dish & price) but I was just so carry away by the delicious food here that I think the pictures will speak for itself!! Hope you guys enjoy!! 

Sea snail (Chef Special Menu) 

Main Course Sushi Platter 

- also available in entree size 

Soft-shelled Crab Roll 

Chef Motomu Kumano 

I really can not describe how great this Japanese Restaurant is! The standard of food that is offered each time is just exquisite. We also love that with Chef's Special Menu, there are always new flavors and new dishes being created by chefs insides the busy kitchen. Sea Urchin sushi was a special recommendation by Chef Kuma-san and for us who are really foreign but love Japanese cuisine we would not have tried it if it was not for his recommendation. Service is great here and the atmosphere is just relaxing, a wonderful place to really have good food & quality time with people you cherish whether be a girls' night gathering or just couples date night. Price is slightly high for those who are curious but it is just so worth the money! Sometimes timing of the dishes being served might be delay but overall, I highly recommend this place! Jerry and myself are just always excited the day we know that we are going to dine at Komeyui!!! 

Special Thanks to Komeyui's team member for your love and passion for serving
great and memorable Japanese cuisine!! 

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