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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trip back to Chez Dré

(Rear of) 285 - 287 Coventry Street 
South Melbourne Vic 3205 

For Reservation: 
+61 (0) 9690 2688

Very near to South Melbourne Market, and near Chef's Hat! 

Lunch at Chez Dré 

My cup of soy latte! AUD$3.80 + AUD$0.50 (BONSOY)

Chicken Brochettes and Rice Salad 

Marinated chicken thighs on skewers, with yellow & red capsicums that is freshly cooked, served hot! On a bed of cool Jasmine rice salad with mix of different vegetables, sliced Gruyère cheese, and vinaigrette! A perfect dish for a hot warm summer's day!! 

Almond Croissant 

I love the flaky puff pastry, and the almond creme filling is just great with a hint of french rum which I think that is what it is that is giving it a great flavor!!! 

Chocolate Eclair 

I personally love the decoration of this! The filling was filled perfectly! However, I would like to have a stronger taste of the chocolate, somehow the flavor of the Choux Pastry was not as tasty as I would like it to be, and the texture was too soft. I believe the top of the Eclair could be slightly crunchy but it was really just normal. An item that I would not recommend or repurchase. 


This place is always packed and busy. It does has quite a number of seats inside and outside where it looks like a court yard at the back! The high ceiling, comfortable seats and inviting decoration with displays of danishes, french patisseries and macaroons are just so inviting!!! I really enjoy the open kitchen concept!! I appreciate knowing the chef's work who organize and prepare delicious, nicely presented a-la-carte meals!!! 

Chez Dré has a lot more to offer, which I am just curious to try till I get my favourite meal from it! So, yes! It would be my one place to revisit many many times!!! 

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