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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melbourne Korean Cuisine: White Tomato

A New Face for White Tomato

White Tomato is a Korean Restaurant that located in Melbourne CBD area that I myself like to go to! Just very recently they have a BRAND NEW FACE LIFT for it & I can not wait to check it out!! My girls, not forgetting Jerry and myself grab a quick lunch here with the newly served lunch menu!! 

The lunch portions are great for me, not too big & not too small which is why I enjoy going back! Not forgetting the taste of the food! Koreans stews are my favourite!!  

My favourite part of Korean cuisine are the Korean Side Dishes, however with lunch menu at AUD$11.50, guess side dishes are not as fancy as I like it to be! 

Sizzling (Served on an Iron Plate) 

Spicy Chicken: chicken marinated in sweet chili sauce with vegetables 

Soondubu Jjigae - Soft Bean Curd Stew 

Soft bean curd stew with seafood, egg, onion 

Rice and Soup Stone Bibimbap 

(Choice of Beef / Pork / Chicken / Tofu) with Seasoned Vegetable on Steamed Rice 

comes in sizzling hot stone bowl! 

drizzling in the amount of Bibimbap sauce you desire 

time to mix everything together! 

yummy, healthy and tasty Beef Bibimbap for lunch!

Doenjang jjigae - Soy Bean Stew 

Soy Bean Stew with Seafood, Tofu, Vegetable 

non-spicy option! 

New Look to the Atmosphere! 

Left side of the area while you walk into the restaurant 

Not real kimchi soup in can from White Tomato but a creative redesign from White Tomato !! 
I though this is really cute!! 

Right side of the restaurant 

Big middle table for big groups or for sharing!! 

This is the new look for this restaurant at first level. There is an upstairs area which I never been before. I actually like this new look to the restaurant, with new BBQ exhaust system at each table, comfortable and spacious seats. The service is great, friendly and helpful waitress! A place that I would definitely return too, perhaps for dinner to check out Korean BBQ style at White Tomato!!  

White Tomato on Urbanspoon

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