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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Melbourne Brunch: Alice Nivens

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Shop 13 Port Phillip Arcade 

28 Flinders Street Melbourne 
Operating Hours: 
Monday tuesday Wednesday thursday Friday
7.30am - 4.00pm 
Closed on Saturday & Sunday 

This is a newly operating 11 months old pop-up window coffee cafe that serves breakfast and lunch with variety of sweet treats too! It also provides a very comfortable place for sitting inside and outside the premises! I was surprise to see this place sandwiched between Thai, Indian, Chinese and Sushi Restaurants, provides a great mix of food choices for people who wants a quick bite in the heart of Melbourne CBD. 

A Quick Bite!

Latte, AUD$3.00 
Multigrain toast with Strawberry Jam & Butter, AUD$6.00 (if not mistaken)

It is a nice quite environment at 10am in the morning while I was strolling around Melbourne to find out new places in Melbourne CBD area and I wanted to grab a quick bite cause my tummy was so hungry!! 

The breakfast and lunch menu is very simple. Among it I choose a Multigrain toast, the thickness is on the thin side, would love it to have it a little thicker giving the price that I am paying I could have bough a loaf of it already.  However taste is good, I suspect they got it from Noisette Bakery which I could be wrong. 

The coffee is not what I like at all, it was really light, very heavy milk taste, very liquid, no body to it. Coffee aroma is not on the strong side. It is still a good cup of latte but would not say that this place has awesome coffee just average to good. 

The atmosphere is great!! Love the decorations, the lights, the display, the layout of the cafe.  Nice place to be alone and/or with just catching up with a friend. Saying that, not a place that I would return too most of the time but might just grab a cuppa if I am around the area!!! 

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