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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Melbourne Malaysia Cuisine: the grand TOFU


FOR RESERVATION: 03 9376 0168 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11AM - 10PM 

Chinese New Year - The Year of Snake 2013! 

Jerry and I were just in time to witness the Lion Dance for Good Luck!!! 

The Restaurant! 

For limited time only - Chinese New Year Special Menu  

Ipoh Combination Hor Fun (Wat Tan Hor), AUD$11.80

This is my absolutely favorite dish in the grand Tofu!! The portion is medium to large size for me. I love this dish because it has the wok smell and the gravy is just authenticate to what I will get in Malaysia! The noodle is stir-fried hence the wok smell, with a mixture of chicken and seafood, fish cake (my favorite part of the dish) and it is drizzle with a thick and tasty flavored egg gravy sauce!!! In addition, this restaurant has my favorite kind of pickled green chili that is perfect with these dish!! One of the best, true authentic Malaysia dish I found in down under Melbourne!!! Super highly recommend!!! 

Fried Koey Teow, AUD$10.80 

Jerry ordered this and he had it a couple of time. This is also really good!! The rice noodles are being stir-fried and once again it has the wok taste, as how we would interpreted it. This dish has a combination of prawn, fish cake, bean sprout and spring onion. I will always grab some from his plate to just enjoy that special favor!! 

Home made Barley drink! 

I have not drink this drink for ages and this feels so good I drink this!! It is like I am really back to Malaysia!!! I got this in hot and it does offer in cold too!! 


The food and service here is just consistent!! Berry the manager and Suzanne are just super friendly people!!! They are just super friendly to introduce us the latest Chinese New Year Menu!! The serving time of the dishes are always super fast, true Malaysian style, cause when we are hungry, we like our food to be serve right away, hot and fast!!! I highly recommend this place and it is one of the places that Jerry & myself always go to and keep going back for the same dish!!! Even though I did try other dishes too but still my favorite is the Ipoh Combination Hor Fun!! I anticipate to introduce more dishes from the Grand Tofu!!!! 

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