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Monday, February 11, 2013

Melbourne Patisserie: L'apres-midi

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167, 169 Russell Street Melbourne 3000  

For Reservation: (03) 9663 8258 
Operating Hours: 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
10.00am - 11.30pm 

A Quick Stop! 

Peppermint Tea AUD$4.00

This is a really quick trip to the very new French Patisserie call L'apres-midi located part of Chinatown Melbourne CBD!!! I needed a place for an hour before my next appointment and I though why not try something sweet after my dinner and I was feeling of having some peppermint tea. It was in the evening at 6pm, majority of the CBD French Patisserie would have close so this was a great opportunity for me to check the place out!! 

For my Sweet Tooth 

L'apres-midi, AUD$9.00 

This is its signature petit gateau!! I believe the bottom part of it is a brownie (which I could be wrong). The aroma of a good quality chocolate is being used here can be detected at fist sense! It texture and overall is quite on the heavy side but despite I was so full from my dinner I actually finished this slice due to its portion! The flavour is so good but somehow it is very expensive for a slice of cake for its size.Not something that I would repurchase. 


I was lucky to have the place to myself hence it is very quite and the ambiance is excellent! It feels high-class, comfortable and private but when the place is filled up, I feel that it can be noisy. 

The dessert display is gorgeous and there is huge variety of French Petit Geteau that I am really eager to try hence I believe more trips will be back for an afternoon tea with friends or just even by myself!!! 

Let me know what your comments are about L'apres-midi down below!! What have you tried and what is your favourite cake? 
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